Ben Frueh

Ben Frueh


Ben Frueh was born in Columbia, Missouri, on May 28, 2005. At the age of 3, he heard the well-known Four Seasons by A. Vivaldi, and a day did not go by thereafter, in which he did not beg to start learning the violin. His mother (having some sense) did not let him start learning at that age. On Ben’s 4th birthday, his mother took him to an older friend’s lesson, and he did not want to leave. Finally, to Ben’s great delight, she gave in. He borrowed a violin from a friend and began studying in September of 2009.

Ben’s single goal in his musical career was to play the Four Seasons, yet by the time he, at 6, learned the first of the four concerti, his love for the violin compelled him to continue learning. Shortly thereafter, he began playing music with his gifted brother, Kai. Through the music, he grew closer to his brother and gained valuable experience in playing with other people.

His musical career has since seen him performing on stage with Kristin Chenoweth for, amongst others, the governor of Oregon, on stage at Carnegie Hall, performing Bach’s double violin concerto with the OSU Symphony, as well as many other concerts and events.

Apart from music, Ben enjoys birding, literature, bicycling, and chocolate.