Our Partners

Katherine Lorraine

Graphic Designer

Born in Harrisburg, Missouri, in February 2000. Katherine is the type to stare at the brush strokes in a painting longer than she will stare at the whole of the image. Intent on imitation. In awe of how those meaningless shapes, curves, lines, and hues create a comprehensible story. It is hard to say when her art career began, a child with a crayon is as much an artist as any other being. She does note that a fuel in her pursuit is competition with peers and if it weren’t for their interest, we would be telling a different story today. She really fell in love with art when she discovered that she could capture the essence of people without copying them perfectly and was enthralled by the magic of it. She promptly began drawing her parents and presidents. 

She has since taken a few art classes to refine her skill, picked up new mediums, and begun generating income from her art. She has worked for a t-shirt company doing graphic design and done some commission work here and there. She is dedicated to the practice and enjoyment of art and only does work when it inspires her. So, this site, this project, and these people must inspire her. 

Other interests include a love for the out of doors, music, history, and people.

Jacob Mathison


Jacob Mathison has lived in Corvallis, Oregon all his life, and has had a passion for photography since a young age. He has known Kai and Ben for many years and was introduced to the world of birding and photography by Kai. In recent years, Jacob has been travelling extensively and documenting his travels through photography, having been to twelve North American and European countries in the past several years. His favorite destination is Spain, where he has spent a couple of summers. He loves broadening his photographic horizons and trying out new styles and subject matter, but primarily enjoys nature and portrait photography.

When he’s not taking photos or exploring the outdoors, Jacob can be found playing ultimate frisbee, mountain biking, running, or birding. He is an avid pianist and guitarist, primarily studying and covering the rock icons of the ‘60s and ‘70s. He attends Crescent Valley High School and hopes to travel abroad during a gap year after high school.   

Thomas Meinzen


Thomas Meinzen is a composer, pianist, and clarinettist originally from Eugene, Oregon. Thomas began studying classical piano at the age of eight. Within a few months, he started to write musical improvisations on the piano as gifts for family and friends. After pursuing classical piano for nine years, Thomas transitioned to focusing on music composition, writing music as a creative outlet and source of connection with others.

Thomas studied with New York composer John David Earnest at Whitman College as a William Bailey Music Composition Scholar. At Whitman, he wrote for solo piano, jazz bands and chamber ensembles, among them the Idaho Brass Quintet. His environmental studies thesis included the award-winning concert feature Songs from the World Around Us, which entwined recorded birdsong and biotic/abiotic ambient sounds with melodies and mimicry on strings, winds, and percussion.

Since graduating from Whitman College, Thomas has published two albums of solo piano music and enjoys collaborating with chamber music artists like the Frueh Brothers. He has recently begun a Master’s in Ecology focused on pollinator conservation at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana, and continues to play and write music whenever he can.

Commissions? Contact Thomas at thomasmeinzen@gmail.com

Isaiah Davis-Stober

Web Developer

Isaiah is a web developer from Columbia MO. At the age of 10, his dad bought Multimedia Fusion 2 and introduced him to some of the basic concepts of coding.  This hooked him on programming and he has worked on many different projects since then, including building and programming robots, many different video games and other computer programming related projects. He frequently participates in game jams and is an accomplished website developer.  He has also worked as a computer repair tech since 2017 and is an active member of his local Makerspace.  

He is currently studying IT/networking and cybersecurity at Moberly Area Community College, and is planning on going into cybersecurity as either systems penetration tester or as a systems analyst.  He is also the producer of the Trucre8r cybersecurity channel.  

When he is not doing programing, Isaiah spends his time doing robotics, mechanical engineering and playing games.